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Unique,Frugal,Fun Valentine's Day Gifts for Women, Men, and Kids!

Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday of mine....probably has something to do with treats, flowers, jewelry....all good things!  I am very easy to buy for (my Husband may not agree) I just like something simple....not flashy or expensive.  Just something sweet and thoughtful.  And NOT a box of chocolates....that may be great for some people, but I don't like any of them that they include in those big heart shaped boxes.  Get me a peanut butter filled chocolate that would be perfect!

Valentine's Day isn't just for me in this house....we also get my daughter something special and fun.  Another yearly tradition since my husband and I met was to get our mothers a gift.  It's just a nice way to make a woman feel special and to let them know you are thinking of them.

Here are some fun gift ideas, for the many people in your life that you may want to share this fun day with!

Flowers. Giving them in person is sweet, but a surprise delivery is also so much fun!  Roses are traditional but picking their favorite flower shows more thought in my opinion.

Spa Gift Card.  Seriously, perfect gift.  I have never been to a spa, but I would love to go someday.  It's something I wouldn't go spend money on for myself, but if I had the gift card I wouldn't feel any guilt for doing something nice for myself.  Moms deserve it!

Dinner Out. Pick a favorite restaurant, maybe the one you had your first date at (ahem....unless you were 19 when you met and had your first date at Perkins)  My Husband and I will usually get a nice meal to go...and eat it at home together since we have young children.

Jewelry. Can't go wrong there!  I generally don't wear a lot of jewelry unless it means something to me, so getting something engraved wold make it more special. or comfy! It can be lingerie (classy kind lol!) or maybe a nice luxurious robe. 

Candles, Perfume., Bath Products.  Always a safe choice!

An apron from!  Gorgeous styles, great fit!  Makes ordinary cooking and baking more fun and more flirty.


Cologne. Pick their favorite scent....if you don't know what that is you can go off of what he already uses and pick something similar. Check their body wash or deodorant...this will give you a clue. Or visit a department store and get help from sellers are a good choice.

Watch, Tie, Cuff Links, Wallet.  Classic choices, always nice!

Tickets to sporting event or concert. You can make it a future date night or give him a night out with his buddies.

Bottle of nice Wine

Electronics. GPS, IPOD, IPAD, Headphones for his online gaming habit....I am sure this would be a favorite choice for most men!

Video Game. Not romantic, but maybe something he'd really enjoy.

Grooming Set or a nice electric razor. Hubby have a beard? Or is he trying to keep his face clean shaven? Both are practical gifts he will get a lot of use out of.


Breakfast in bed.  Can be fun if the kids help too!

Write them a Love Letter.  You can even get it printed on old fashioned paper to add to the effect!  Words that come from the heart will be much more meaningful than anything you purchase at the mall.

New Book from their Favorite Author. If they love to read, they will appreciate this gift so much!

Make a Gift basket of their favorite things!  Some theme ideas are bath products (bath salts, bubble bath, lotion, manicure set, nailpolish, eye mask) Movie theme (a dvd, popcorn, movie theater candies, blanket to cuddle with)

Give your spouse a massage! It's free and it will make them feel so good!  Maybe you'll even get one in return!

Cook them their favorite Meal!  This will be cheaper than eating out and will mean more since you pepared it yourself.  Light some candles, open a bottle of can even eat a late dinner after the kids go to bed so you can have an adult conversation :)

Have a Movie Night - Netflix!  At a dollar a night you can't get more frugal than that! Reserve a movie online early in the day to avoid the rush & risk not getting the title you want.


Craft Kits- This is a great gift that your child will love to open! You can even do the craft with them for some quality time! I love Creativity For Kids

DVD - Pick a valentine themed DVD with their favorite characters. Don't worry - they will get use out of it even when Valentine's Day is over.  My kid watches Elmo's Christmas Countdown all year long!

Baking Kit. I like ones that have a fun theme, with cool cookie cutters and decorations. You could even make your own kit and bake them that same day. Sassafras is a great place to look!

Pair that With A Sweet Child's Apron! I love Jillie Willie

Pretty Dress Up Clothes, headbands, bows, tights, Heart Shaped Sunglasses. Make them pink & sweet!

Ladybug Pillow Pet or the Red & White Valentine Dog

Games - you can get a lot of use out of a board game....add them to your family game night rotation!

Toys that include hearts, are red/pink, or play food sets with cupcakes and other sweet treats

Pretend Archery Set - Cupid anyone? Your little man will love it!

Heart Shaped Pillow


The most important thing is to personalize the gift.  Maybe they have been hinting at something they need, like a new pair of slippers. Or a NOOK FROM BARNES AND NOBLE.  Oops.  Sorry, caps lock must have gotten stuck there :)

Whatever you end up buying, making, or sure to let people in your life know how much you love them.  Not just on Valentine's Day, but every day.

No company asked me to link to them....just sharing some favorites with my readers to be helpful!

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Nancy said...

Great Valentine ideas. I wish my hubby would get me the sweet red apron. Visiting from the blog hop. Glad I found you!

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Cute! A new follower from Hop Along Friday. See you.