Monday, March 16

Cameras & Milk Do Not Mix

So much for a spill proof cup!

Yesterday we went to the Children's Museum (which was great!) My daughter was playing, having fun. So I tell my husband to get out the camera & take a picture of her.

It's at the bottom of the tote bag I brought in with us. So is the sippy cup full of milk. It's wet. Uh oh. He tried to wipe it off, but it wouldn't show anything on the screen. A minute later it wouldn't turn on at all. Wonderful. Now we have no camera and will have to go buy a new one, which I was not planning on doing anytime soon.

Of course I would love to get a nice one, but just can't right now. I'll have to start looking around the stores to see if anyone is having any sales.

So we have no pictures of our outing this weekend. And I wont have any pictures of her in her adorable Irish Girl tee shirt tomorrow for Saint Patricks Day. Bummer!

Tomorrow is also my wedding anniversary! Nothing exciting planned though. Apparently my husband is getting me something (probably on his lunch hour tomorrow lol) and I have no idea what it will be. He says it's something I want. I told him to give me a clue, but he wouldn't. I like to try to guess my surprises, I have no idea why!

And it might get to 60 today!!! I love that 45 feels like summer after a long cold winter!!

2 Comments From Friends:

Tracy said...

Oh no....I would be freaking out if I lost my camera!! Actually I did once and had to send it in for 8 weeks to get fixed!!! I was freaking out! :) Arrrgghhh...I can feel your pain!

Brea's Mommy said...

So sorry about your camera. I would feel lost without mine. Hope you have a great anniversary!